About Loan Palace

Loan Palace is the premium UK based Short Term Loan lender offering a wide – range of loan options to individuals, searching for quick finance solutions. We work out smart strategies, which have led to easy availability of Short Term Loans online. We, at Loan Palace, not just offer you with regular Short Term Loans, but on the contrary, bring forth incredible finance options that fall in your budget. We don’t let you fall apart, especially during those hard crushed and under-financed situations. All your financial needs are looked after efficiently on personalized levels at Loan Palace.

When you approach us for your requirements of Payday Loans, or Unemployed Loans, there is absolutely no need of appending the Guarantor Bonds with your loan application. We don’t follow any cumbersome or laid back loan procedures, that might otherwise put you into severe laxity. It doesn’t matter even if your loan application has been rejected by any financial institution, or any regulated financial institution, or you have been dis-approved for low credit score.

We are offering bad credit loans with no guarantor, all across the UK. And if you are unemployed for long, and in an urgent need of flexible financing, Loan Palace will handle it, making your life easy, happy and fluid.

Look out for our special offerings; categorized under Short Term Loans for Students as well as Small Business loans. There are Start-up Business Loans available too. We provide also Guaranteed Loans and festive Christmas Loans.

Next time when you are in the need of Short Term Loan, and you are already running a bad credit history, Loan Palace will be your help in disguise.